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CHEMnet en Help 

Operating instructions for CHEMnet

CHEMnet is a free internet offer from the chemistry section of the Institute for Science Education as well as the Institute of Inorganic Chemistry at the Christian-Albrechts-University at Kiel.
In this online help you will find contents concerning the following topics:

  1. operating elements
  2. registration
  3. session cookies
  4. demands on the system

Operating elements

CHEMnet has different operating elements: You can find a page navigation (orange) as well as a comprehensive navigation (blue).

Apart from the page on the screen, the orange page navigation on the left side indicates the previous and the following pages as well. With the orange page navigation at the top you can move to a higher level: If you find yourself, e.g., on a subordinate page you will get to the main chapter again.
The blue navigation on the left contains a listing of the chapters, a whole text search as well as an index where you can look directly for terms in alphabetical order. With the logout button you can log off or get to the exercises. This is optional because your session has finished when you leave your browser. In the upper part of the site in the blue main navigation you find the following domains: table of contents, E-mail for professional and technical questions, exercises, help (plugins, periodic table of elements, constants, Greek alphabet) as well as the printing function making possible the printing of technical texts without any further frames.


The CHEMnet text contains a lot of pictograms leading to additional contents. The different pictograms are explained in the following table. In the screen shot above if you click on the small on this page of the lecture (not in the operating instructions, of course), you will get further information about the underlined term.

Information - Additional and more detailed explanations completing and expanding the base text.
Example - Examples for a better understanding of the contents of the text.
Memory aid - Little help for a better understanding and memorizing of contexts.
Radical sign - Detailed calculation steps, derivations of formulas and mathematical contexts.
Video – Videos of the experiments in the Real Player format
Biological information – Interdisciplinary additional information concerning biology.

Registration & Session Cookies

This web presentation is being continuously improved and expanded. For this sake, we would ask you to register yourself for the CHEMnet access. The authentication takes place by your registration that is saved in so-called session-cookies.