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CHEMnet en Inorganic and general chemistry 
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-> Icosahedron in Red Green
-> Dodecahedron in Red Green
-> Octahedron in Red Green
-> Hexahedron in Red Green
-> Tetrahedron in Red Green

Crystal structures and molecules in red-green

In order to look at the three dimensional red-green plots you need red-green glasses.

Platonic bodies: tetrahedron, octahedron, icosahedron, hexahedron, dodecahedron

1st main group (group 1): sodium chloride, cesium chloride, cesium chloride

2nd main group (group 2): calcium fluoride

4th main group (group 14): graphite, graphite, diamond, C60, C70

6th main group (group 16): a-sulphur

7th main group (group 17): iodine

2nd subgroup (group 12): zinc sulfide (zinc blende), zinc sulfide (wurtzite), zinc sulfide (wurtzite)

4th subgroup (group 4): rutile (titanium dioxide), rutile (titanium dioxide)

8th subgroup (group 8, 9, 10): iron, iron sulfide (pyrite), iron sulfide (sulphur iron), nickel arsenide